Crime Bill Tackles Canadian Football League

Argonauts First Team Affected

by Uni Blogger and nonamedufus

OTTAWA (S&A) – Slings And Arrows from time to time this month, as the need arises, will undertake the thankless task of routing out injustice.  Why?  Because we don’t care and are proud of it.  Our first example involves, appropriately enough, Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson.

In a bold move last week Nicholson unveiled the latest initiative in his government’s “Getting Tough On Me” campaign.  Before a hushed and befuddled press corp, Nicholson announced just how tough his campaign will be.

“The Tackling Me program will begin with Toronto’s CFL franchise,” said the Minister.  “The Argos are the worst team in the league.  They need tough love and that’s who we’ll tackle first.  You’d think they walked around with “tackle me” signs taped to their backs.”

38713798Not to be confused with Tackling Crime

The Minister indicated Ottawa may be the program’s next target.  “They’re so bad their team folded,” said Nicholson. “I’d like to tackle them next.”

The Justice Minister emphasized Tackling Me had nothing to do with the similar sounding government program Tackling Crime.  “Although,” he said,”it is a crime how poorly any sports team with Toronto in front of it’s name seems to perform in their respective league.”


The foregoing was a public service message from Slings and Arrows aimed at underlining an example of injustice in Canada.  For more examples of injustice visit Humor Bloggers Dot Com all this month.


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