True Intent of Discover Canada Discovered

Tories Intolerant?

by Uni Blogger and nonamedufus

OTTAWA (S&A) – Slings and Arrows has obtained an early draft of Discover Canada, the citizenship booklet released last week by the Government of Canada.  Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship was originally titled Uncover Canada – Love It Or Leave It and the subject matter was considerably different than the version released later.  It was, indeed, aimed at turning away immigrants, posing extremely difficult questions intended to fail any non-Canadian taking a citizenship evaluation.

For example, it asked potential citizens to name famous Canadians who appear on American media.  While one might expect a question about Canadian media stars to include people like Don Cherry, Peter Mansbridge and Sandi Rinaldo, answers in the early draft guide are limited to such Canadians in America as Lorne Green, Robert MacNeil, John Roberts, Howie Mandell, Alex Trebek and Neil Young.

Jason KenneyWe came this close to putting that draft out

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, in an exclusive interview with Slings and Arrows, confirmed the original direction the guide was to take.  “We took our lead from the Prime Minister.  A real Canadian doesn’t watch Canadian news or entertainment.  He gets his information from American television.  Or so I’ve been told,” said Kenney.

However, Kenney says at the 11th hour common sense – and the Friends of the CBC – prevailed and the guide was altered to make it more “Canadian”.

“We’ll still be able to stump potential citizens and send them back to where they came from but Anne of Green Gables, Canadian Tire, Tim Horton’s and Howard the Turtle will once again take their place in the pantheon of  Canadian identity”  said Kenney.  “Oh, and for our potential Quebec voters, erm, ah, friends Passe-Partout.”

The Minister was somewhat saddened that the original version was deep-sixed as, in his words, “it was really quite cleverly written.  The subsequent version, compiled quite quickly but which nevertheless missed our deadline isn’t half so engaging.”  The government’s view would appear to be better late than clever.

2202Howard – Canadian turtle and icon

Theme Thursday presents other views on “late” beginning Thursday.  Ours is today because we didn’t want to be late.



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8 responses to “True Intent of Discover Canada Discovered

  1. Just last night I was curious as to the number of rock musicians that were born in Canada. The list Wikipedia provided was vast.

    I’ve got two No.2 pencils, now where’s that test?

  2. Oh Canada!

    I have a friend and prolific fellow blogger, Cal. He lives out in the Canadian Cave of Coolness. Pretty nice dude, dontcha know.

  3. A real Canadian gets his news from America? Whoa. Too funny! In this case, I’m not sure late is better than never.

  4. Peter Jennings!

    I miss that guy.

    Love your satire, by the way.

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