CBS News Puttin’ On The Ritz

Who Knew Katie Could Dance?

by Uni Blogger and nonamedufus

NEW YORK (Slings & Arrows) – CBS News, in an effort to boost the ratings of it’s evening newscast, has announced a dramatic shift in the direction of the nightly telecast hosted by Katie Couric.  CBS News President Sean McManus and network chief Leslie Moonves trotted out the changes today.
“Let’s face it, said McManus, “Katie’s been dancing in this gig since inheriting the anchor’s chair. So why not provide her a format that she’s most comfortable in.”
The eye network is taking a cue from the competing alphabet network and importing the Dancing With The Stars format into it’s newscast. McManus said, “It worked for Donnie over at ABC. Now, maybe it’ll work for our “Marie”, Katie, here at CBS.
He’s a little bit tap-dance, she’s a little bit rock n’ roll

Said Moonves, “Mr. McManus, here, has seen Katie skip the light fandango and wants to see her twist again like she did last summer…metaphorically speaking. We want Katie to come out from behind the anchor desk and highlight her finest journalistic attributes…her legs. Hey, it worked for Peter Mansbridge up in Canada.”
Katie…how low can you go?
For her part, Ms. Kouric appeared enthused. “In particular, I’m looking forward to a rematch…erm, ah, a follow-up interview with Sarah Palin. She sure danced around the last time. Let’s see how well she does in this go-round.”
Sarah…excelling at the Chicken Dance
Other guests include former President Bill Clinton, former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, and golfer Tiger Woods, all no strangers to dancing with the media.


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3 responses to “CBS News Puttin’ On The Ritz

  1. That picture of Katie looks soooo wrong. It looks like she’s getting ready to go to the bathroom (shudder).

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