Hockey Puck For Head of State?

Rumour Puts Coach In New Corner

by nonamedufus

Michaelle Jean is in the home stretch of her term as Canada’s Governor General.  The speculation is that Prime Minister Harper will soon replace her.  Who better than a man of the people, a rock ’em, sock ’em head of state that Canadians can stand on guard for.  Yes.  True patriot son Don Cherry.

Am I Blue?

If Don Cherry was Governor General, the top ten things he would change:

– The Governor General’s Foot Guards would be refitted with tartan plaid jackets

– Rideau Hall would be rechristened Rideau Arena

– Ron MacLean would be appointed chief of protocol

– A proclamation would be enacted prohibiting – and we quote – “the sissy use of visors”.  French guys would be exempt to preserve national unity.

– Canada Day would now be known as Bobby Orr Day

– All visitors to Rideau Hall would be presented with the complete 20 volume set of Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Hockey as a memento of their visit

– Whenever the Governor General visited Parliament Hill the Maple Leaf flag would fly from the Peace Tower…the Toronto Maple Leaf flag

– Maple syrup, one of Canada’s national symbols, would be replaced by Cold-FX

– The term “Your Excellency would be replaced with “Your Grapeness”.

– Future stalemates in Parliament will be resolved by a shoot-out.

Gee, Gee…


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