Good King Wenceslas…

…He’s Not!

The controversy surrounding the transfer of Afghan prisoners of war by Canadian soldiers and their possible torture continues to haunt the government.  Merry Christmas Prime Minister.

by nonamedufus

Good King Harper, oh, look out,

You’re in a crisis aren’t you Stephen

When the e-mails round about

Accuse you  of not believin’

Brightly shone Colvin’s words that night

Though the intent was cruel

Then McKay came in sight

Looking like a fool

There’s been no credible proof

To this allegation

I’ll remain quite aloof

To this torture situation

We’ll redact the documents

Black out words and phrases

Cross out all revealing scents

Till they run through mazes

Bring me Pete to answer it

It’s a crisis in the makin’

But let him take the fall for it

I’ll be in Asia and Copenhagen

McKay and Cannon forth they went

Forth they went together

Through Jack Layton’s wild lament

And Ignatieff’s blather

The opposition it did grow

Loud and quite sustained

Ambassadors began to crow

Thirty-five maintained

Public servants just support,

Providing information

Not what government members purport

Spreading misinformation

Another development has just broke

Up on Parliament Hill

The Chief of Defence Staff has mispoke

Now the PM’s had his fill

Who knew what and who knew when

What a huge ker-fuffle

The only way to reign this in

Is through a cabinet shuffle

Time for another trip to the potato patch?


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