He’s Making A List

No Need To Check It Twice

by nonamedufus

Last week the Speaker of the House gave a whistle and away all MPs flew like the down on a thistle.  I’m not sure quite what that means but that’s how it goes in “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.  In the equally surreal world of politics, Members of Parliament were likely pleased to see such a raucous session come to a close and were quick to hop a train, a bus or a plane to get out of town.

It’s too bad they were so quick to leave.  I had Christmas presents to pass around.  And on my list you get something regardless of whether you’re naughty or nice.  For example…

For Defence Minister Peter McKay, a kevlar body suit to protect against those incoming grenades from opposition members.

Not your father’s pin-stripes

For Prime Minister Stephen Harper, that Michael Ignatieff remains as liberal leader.  Now there’s a gift that keeps on giving.

I can drive this party…right into the ditch

For Liberal MP Bob Rae, that Michael Ignatieff takes a northward step into speeding southbound bus. Not that we’d ever wish such a thing.

Ignatieff…does this bus have his name on it?

For Environment Minister Jim Prentice, a new portfolio so he doesn’t have to look so uncomfortable while trying to sell Canada’s pitiful environment policy.

Is it just me or is it getting warm in here?

For certain government MPs who send questionable materials to opposition MPs’ ridings, a 10 per cent reduction in their office budgets.  Why should my dime pay for such a scandalous practice.

Why am I paying for the Tories to slam the Liberals?

To be continued…



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6 responses to “He’s Making A List

  1. I want a kevlar suit!!

    No reason.

  2. Looks like he has a couple of invisible sparklers. Don’t use em! They cause global warming!

  3. Ha, ha. Thanks, Hindleyite. (I thought you were referring to the picture of Ignatieff?)

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