An Open Letter To The US, Eh?

Barack – “B” My Baby

by nonamedufus

You Americans are a funny lot.  You don’t offend me.  You just make me scratch my head.  I can’t get over the vitriolic spew I see day in day out about your President.  The guy’s gotta be the best White House resident in decades and yet everybody wants to tear him down.  Yeah, sure, feel sorry for Tiger Woods but lay into Obama.

Yes we can

Oprah to the rescue.  Barbara Walters with a tan scored the coup of her career when she sat down with President and Mrs Obama recently.  Well, hell she nearly single-handedly got him elected, so I guess this is pay-back.

I didn’t watch the show.  I tuned in to where America gets it’s news.  Fox News?  Hell, no. Entertainment Tonight! I went for the ET re-cap – sort of the Reader’s Digest version, if you will.  I figured I’d see 5-10 minutes of the silliest questions there instead of having to sit through an hour of that banality.

And the question that did it for me?  It was more the answer when Oprah asked him to rate himself one year in.  The President said he’d give himself a B+.  Hmmm, interesting.  I wish I’d had the opportunity to rate MYSELF when I was going to high school.  Sure wouldn’t have spent that second year in Grade 9!

And, hey, more power to the guy.  You can’t wait for somebody else to come along and pat you on the back.  (Well, except maybe for Oprah.)  So you may as well do it yourself.

Right on Barack.  Oh, and way to go on picking up that Peace prize right after you decided to send 30,000 Americans to war.  Never mind.  I’ll just go back to scratching my head.

* This post originally appeared at The Offended American



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4 responses to “An Open Letter To The US, Eh?

  1. I’d give myself a B+ too.

    You know what, I’m the President…A++!

    Suck it!

  2. Yeah, exactly. Why stop at a “B”?

  3. Personally, I prefer Extra or The Insider or one of those other shows to ET straight up. The round panel discussions are a riot. “Should Tiger come out of hiding?” “Should there be an intervention for Tiger?” Really?

    • UR: Interesting development this week. Access Hollywood’s co-host Nancy O’Dell announced she’s leaving the show because she doesn’t like the turn it’s taking towards sensationalism. If she starts a trend we’ll have no one hosting these shows! As I live and breathe.

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