Liberal Leader Embarks on Cross-Country Campus Tour

Ignatieff Launches Stand-Up Comedy Career

by nonamedufus

OTTAWA (Slings and Arrows) – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, in a year-end interview with Slings and Arrows, admitted today his failure as a politician and his desire to undertake a significantly different direction in his career path.

Following in the footsteps of Ron James, Shawn Majumder and Bob Rae, the Liberal Leader is embarking on a cross-country tour of university campuses where he will test his new comedy routine.

“I need to start somewhere,” said the failed politician.  “If I can make an in on college campuses maybe I can get a shot at a TV show on the CBC.”

“I’m really looking forward to getting back on the university circuit,” said the Liberal leader.  “This politics gig is a real dead end.  But I was able to make people laugh as Opposition leader, without really trying – even within my own caucus – so maybe comedy is the route to go.  And I do know my way around academia, you know.”

I’m here all week…

Ignatieff will appear on a bill with a resurrected Royal Canadian Air Farce.  He should fit right in.  Not unlike his political approach, their jokes are older than dinosaur dung.

Asked for an example of his post-political humour, Ignatieff said, “Knock, knock.”  Who’s there?  “Iffy”  Iffy who?  “Iffy hollers let him go…ha, ha, ha.”

Mr. Ignatieff will be fine-tuning his routine prior to his first venue at Dalhousie University on January 11th.


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