A New Year, More Of The Same?

Something Different, An Opinion Piece

by nonamedufus

Canadians don’t like their political leaders.  Let me rephrase that.  Canadians don’t much like any federal politician.  A poll released last week by Canwest News and Global News conducted by Ipsos Reid indicates federal Canadian politicians have a serious image problem.

The upshot of the poll indicates, to quote the Canwest news article, “Canadians think politicians don’t get along well, that they’ve accomplished little in the past year, and few would want their kids to grow up to be one”.

As an individual who reported on Parliamentarians then worked closely with Ministers in government and who now satirizes about them I understand the evolution in public opinion.  And it’s spot on.

It makes my current, although unpaid, job so easy.  These guys are pretty much responsible for their own image problem.  If anything, people like me just communicate it as is, with a little humorous frill here and there to underline how silly they really are.  And they are.

The problem as I see it is they’re too wrapped up in their own egos, arguing and fighting each other trying to make themselves look good, look the best that they’ve really lost sight of how they appear to Canadians.  You’d think they would have gotten the hint when the fewest number of Canadians ever turned out in the last election to vote for them.

Instead they appear as whiney, snot-nosed, he said she said, kids in the school yard as opposed to the people we thought we elected, those of us who voted, to represent us and our interests.

I tell you, in the coming year the future of Slings And Arrows looks bright.  The future of our politicians and how Canadians regard democracy, I’m not so sure.

Happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2010.


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