Canadians Elect Senators

Parliament Reformed

by nonamedufus

OTTAWA (Slings and Arrows) — Harkening back to his Reform Party roots, Prime Minister Harper has allowed Canadians to vote for Senate replacements as opposed to resorting to the age-old custom of appointing individuals by the Prime Minster of the day.

What used to be referred to as the chamber of sober second thought, Canada’s Senate has been viewed of late as a cushy, well-paid final resting place for party bag men and elderly partisans.

“This is just one of the many things my government is doing to show Canadians our democracy inaction, er, ah…in action,” said Prime Minister Harper.

The election result may prove the Prime Minister might have been better off to have left the system well enough alone.

The first newly elected Senator is Polkaroo from Polka Dot Door a children’s show on TV Ontario that ran for about 20 years beginning in the early 70s.  Canadians seem to appreciate familiarity.  Not unlike the members of parliament they elect, Canadians seem comfortable in saying of their Senators, “Aw, I missed him again.”

Who is Polkaroo? Rule out Premier McGuinty.

The next elected Senator is Celine Dion, internationally reknowned performer and Las Vegas lounge lizard who Canadians may have thought could have brought a little glamour to the red chamber.  When asked her opinion of her election win Dion replied, “I about had a cardiac arrest, la, but my heart will go on.”

The third Senator elected by Canadians is veteran CTV news anchor Lloyd Robertson.  Canadians may have thought he missed Mike Duffy.  Others may have appreciated the chamber’s proximity to Beechwood Cemetary.

Canadians also elected the Montreal musical comedy duo Bowser and Blue.  Commented Bowser, “With a name like Bowser and Blue I’m glad Canadians didn’t think we were Conservative party members.”  Added Blue, “I think our ‘Full Frontal Unity’ campaign really appealed to the electorate.

B&B have their own Red Chamber pots



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2 responses to “Canadians Elect Senators

  1. Thanks for mentioning Celine Dion.

    I didn’t really need to try to digest my breakfast anyway.

  2. Just be thankful I didn’t run a picture.

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