Get Back To Work

Where’s Stevo?

by nonamedufus

Sneaky, sneaky Steven Harper.  Canadians awoke to the new year this week, figuratively and literally, after a 2009 political hangover, to discover their Parliament had been suspended.  The legal term is prorogue and the Prime Minister literally phoned in his request to the Governor General so as to avoid further Opposition…erm…ah…opposition (why else are they called that?) to such embarrassing issues as the Afghan detainee debacle, our abysmal international stature vis-a-vis the environment and the government’s handling of the economy.  He did it December 30, virtually New Year’s eve – the electorate equivalent of the dead of night – when both the media and the public were thinking about more important things: sugar-plumbs were still dancing in their heads and digesting in their stomachs.

Monday, this week, both Government House leader Jay Hill and PM lap dog Pierre Poilievre said in interviews the government prorogued parliament so Canadians could “focus” on the Olympics and the government could take time to “recalibrate” itself.

Man, and they wonder why we don’t trust them; with statements like those. Canadians are waking up to the fact that, sadly, they have elected a non-multi-tasking band of snake oil salesmen…who can’t even sell their snake oil. Parliament can’t do it’s work and let Canadians enjoy the Olympics at the same time?

A growing number of Canadians think they can…and should.  A Facebook Group calling itself Get Back To Work sprung up Monday and after three days neared 30,000 supporters.  (I checked this morning and it’s about to crack 60,000.)  These are people sufficiently pissed off to express their displeasure at Harper and his government and who want parliament reconvened January 25th, when their original Christmas break was to end.

A political panel discussion I watched on CBC’s Power and Politics Monday had me shaking my head.  The participants, a pollster, a journalist and a western academic who used to be Harper’s Chief of Staff all discredit the Facebook group as just a social media group who really don’t have any sway or impact.

Oh, really?  30,000 sounds like quite a bit more than a traditional survey sample size of 1,0000 accurate 19 times out of 20.  And the comments I’ve read on the group’s wall, taken as a whole, are for more powerful than anything I’ve heard from any opposition member or political pundit, gentlemen.

I think both the media and the government had better listen up.  The people have spoken.  Or have you both forgotten how democracy works?

This post originally appreared on The Offended American but, hey, Canadians can be offended too.


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