Parliamentary Restaurant Menu Update

Currently Being Recalibrated

by nonamedufus

OTTAWA (Slings And Arrows) — Parliamentarians will have a new menu item to chew on when they eventually return to the hallowed halls of the House of Commons and the Senate in March. Executive chef Ivanna Burnit tells Slings and Arrows that with the help of Conservative Member of Parliament Dean Del Mastro and Conservative Senator Mike Duffy, two political heavyweights, kitchen staff have been developing, testing and tasting the new dish since Parliament was prorogued December 30th.

“Well Duffy and Del Mastro have been doing the tasting,” said Ms Burnit.  “But we want to be ready with this gastronomical delight when MPs and Senators return from their vacation…erm…um…rest…uh…ah…period of, of, of interregnum.”

Senator Duffy…official government taste tester

Ms Burnit explained that the dish will be quite simple and quick to prepare, catering to political types with a penchant to eat and run.  This is something they may have to do if they eat too many too quickly.   The main ingredients consist of dough, mashed potatoes and grated cheese.  The chef says all kinds of toppings will be available to reflect Parliament’s multi-cultural environment. These will include, onions, bacon, mushrooms, sour cream for opposition members, and – for Bloc Members in particular – maple syrup.

“It’s a commemorative dish to remind members of the time the Prime Minister kept them away from the House,” said Burnit.  “We’re marking the occasion on the Member’s menu with a delightful selection of  Parliamentary Perogies.”

Parliamentary Restaurant…famous perogy pocket of Parliament

Added Burnit, following a lengthy discussion with government mouthpiece Dimitri Soudas, “It’s a good thing the Prime Minister prorogued Parliament.  It allows kitchen staff the time necessary to consult with members and recalibrate our recipe so we can let parliamentarians know in what direction the restaurant wants to take them.”

“I’m sure members will comment appropriately, after they’ve digested this menu marvel, in their speech from the throne.”



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4 responses to “Parliamentary Restaurant Menu Update

  1. FYI, you spelled ‘parlor mints’ wrong.

  2. Perogy? There are a variety of spellings, ie: perogi, pierogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, pirogi, pirogen, pierogy, pirohy, pyrohy and Prime Minister.

    P.S. It took me 2 days but I got it — Parli-ments! You’re too much my friend.

  3. Very useful post, thanks a lot. Nice blog as well! I might start my own blog shortly, do you have any advice? Whats the best host to use, WordPress or Blog engine? Erwin S

    • Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the post and the blog. I have another blog on blogger called “nonamedufus”. You can reach it through the pic in the right column. Between the two I prefer WordPress actually. Easy to use once you get used to it and you can follow the number of hits and who’s visiting which pages. Cheers.

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