PM’s Schooling Holds Clue to Present Actions

Has Always Been Big Fan of Recess

by nonamedufus

TORONTO (Slings And Arrows) — Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s actions late in life may have been ingrained in him as a child.  In an exclusive interview with Mr. Harper’s third grade teacher from Northlea Public School in the Leaside neighbourhood of Toronto, Slings And Arrows has uncovered some striking similarities.

“Little Stevie was a shy child,” says Miss Mary Idowtit, “to the point where he hardly ever came to school.  When he was in class he was very quiet and didn’t interact well with others.”

Asked why she referred to the Prime Minister as “Little Stevie”, Mary Idowtit, a 70 year-old spinster, now living in Fort Lauderdale Florida, where she enjoys watching CNN, said,  “He’d stay home practicing that harmonica, closing his eyes, pretending he was Stevie Wonder.  I think that may explain why he was so ‘uptight’ as a child, and even now as an adult, although I hear now he has friends and he’s getting some help from them.”

The real Little Stevie had the world at his fingertips

“That poor boy,” said Idowtit.  “Even when he did come to school he wanted to go straight to recess.  But you know he must have been home-schooled because he kept calling it prorogation.  Big word for such a little boy.  He wasn’t like the other boys at all who were always trying to scare me up onto my chair for some reason.”

While Little Stevie was focussed on recess the other boys enjoyed punking Miss Idowtit

When asked if he thought he knew what the word meant, “I doubt it” said Idowtit.  “He’d say he needed time to recalibrate so he knew in which direction lunch hour was going to go.”



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14 responses to “PM’s Schooling Holds Clue to Present Actions

  1. Thanks. I was wondering why he is the way he is. That explains it. Although, it doesn’t explain why he’s our Prime Minister.

  2. By the way, I don’t have a much of Canadian audience so I haven’t posted this on my blog, but check out this video if you haven’t already seen it:

    • Wow, over 30 demonstrations January 23. I’ll keep my eye out for that. Did you know more people have signed up for that Facebook Group (@140,000) than signed up for 3 Brad Pitt groups combined? Only in Canada, eh?

      • I didn’t know it was more than the Brad Pitt fan club, but it’s now getting close to 154,000, and climbing.

        Oh, and I changed my mind about not posting that video on my blog. A first for me. I can’t remember when I’ve been this angry about a politician. Ignatieff is looking very good to me.

        Assertive Canadians? Go figure, eh?

      • Wow, Joel, you go guy! Right on!

  3. When I first glanced at the title I read:

    PMS Schooling Holds Clue…

    I was so relieved when I took the time to notice the apostrophe and small “s.”


    I didn’t know there was a PMS school, but I do know that I graduated from it. With honors.

  4. Based on your post and our discussion, I assume that you, like me, don’t think that prorogation was the most democratic of things for the PM to do, to say the least. According to Industry Minister Tony Clement ( that puts us in either the “elite” or the “chattering class” (or I suppose that it’s possible to be members of both). So which are you? I figure that I’m in the chattering class, because I’m certainly not a member of an elite.

    BTW, am I the only one who thinks it ironic that a member of a 38-member federal cabinet that, unlike any other Canadians, has executive powers over the affairs of state and that reports to a Prime Minister who has the power to and did shut down the parliament of Canada is belittling others for being members of the elite?

    • I think I’m a member of the chattering elite class. Seriously, when the Prime Minister says things like the markets will blame the opposition when the House returns, the government gets more work done when the House isn’t sitting and nobody cares if he prorogued parliament I think this emperor has no clothes.

      • I just saw that the Facebook group is now over 170,000 members. I expect Slings And Arrows to fulfil its journalistic duty and diligently do some serious research to determine when Canada can lay claim to having, per capita, the largest chattering class in the world.

        In case Canada doesn’t win many medals at the Olympics it would be nice if we had something else ready that we can boast about.

        My turn to get somewhat serious: Our PM says that the messiness of parliament gets in the way of him setting priorities and running the government. Did I miss the memo? When did democracy become a bad thing in this country? Other than, of course, along the lines of Churchill’s quote about it being the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried. Harper seems to have missed the part about except for all of the others.

      • Given how cold it’s been lately I’d wager Canada has the largest chattering class in the world, per capita of course.

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