The Anatomy Of A Shuffle

There’s Less Than Meets The Eye

by nonamedufus

And I bet you thought the Prime Minister and his many thoughtful advisers spent sleepless nights pondering over things such as age, geographical representation, gender, right of this and left of that, education, religion and a myriad of other qualities in terms of suitability for entry into the highest boardroom in the land – the Cabinet of Canada.

Well, think again.

Think of what the Prime Minister was up to heading into this cabinet shuffle. He and his government were up against the wall in terms of opposition and public reaction to three things in particular: an economy in a tailspin; a scorched-earth position on the environment and nowhere to hide from allegations the government knew Taliban prisoners being handed over by Canadian soldiers were being tortured by the Afghans.

I say think of these things because many Canadians may have forgotten.  And that was exactly the strategy behind the Prime Minister proroguing Parliament.  By phoning the Governor General and seeking her concurrence to suspend the session, Harper had it in mind to wipe the slate clean and put an end to the cacophony from Parliament Hill that was playing out on televisions across the nation.  Such a vacuum ensued that Harper by now should be the next CEO of Electrolux.

And now Haiti.  The government has shown quick and sustained leadership in this crisis.  As well they should.  But the staged audio-less photo-ops of the inner circle briefings go a tad too far to demonstrate the government has a handle on the situation and a cynic might think Harper and his minions are using the crisis in an attempt to turn around the numbers in the public opinion polls.

A shuffle is expected any day.  News reports indicate it will be minor and no big names in major portfolios will be affected.  Shuffle?  Interesting to pause and take a look at what exactly “shuffle” means.

Merriam-Webster defines shuffle as: 1) to mix in a mass confusedly 2) to put or thrust aside under cover…3) to act or speak in a shifty or evasive manner.

Hmmm, by definition not exactly a term most of us would want to be associated with.

It almost sounds as if the shuffle has already occurred.

Although I’m sure more is yet to come.

Two-eyed Stephens are wild.



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2 responses to “The Anatomy Of A Shuffle

  1. Am I being overly cynical when I wonder if the government’s scheduling of its international conference for “friends of Haiti” on January 25 might have something to do with wanting to deflect the media’s attention from the opposition parties intend to clearly demonstrate that they are going back to Parliament on that date despite prorogation?

    And rumour has it that Lisa Raitt is being moved to Labour. I wonder if she’ll find labour leaders sexy like she found the shortage of medical isotopes to be sexy?

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