Who Is Scott Brown?

And Why Does He Drive A Truck

by nonamedufus

People love to root for the underdog.  In sports they cheer for the unheralded.  In politics they vote for David over Goliath.

It happened recently in Massachussetts, where Scott Brown was the first Republican elected to the Senate since 1972.  And he did it in an election to replace dead Democrat dynasty dynamo Ted Kennedy.

Imagine.  America has turned its back on the Kennedys.  The Kennedys set the bar – and pretty low, too – in terms of activities of, and attitudes toward, politicians. It was Teddy, for example, who single-handedly made women think twice about accepting rides home from office parties from male co-workers.

Now, after years of rumours about odd and questionable behaviour surrounding Camelot’s #1 clan, Americans have moved on.  And what have they moved on to?  Well, in keeping with Republican role models it would seem a kinder, gentler politician.  Although, Brown is not without a few background blemishes.

Apparently, when Scott Brown was 12 years old he was caught shoplifting a couple of albums.  Was it worth it?  I don’t know.  Let’s see, born in 1959, this would have put him at 1971.  Kind of depends if he swiped The Carpenters or E Pluribus Funk by Grand Funk Railroad. The latter I could live with.  If it was the former he should have had the book thrown at him.

Scott’s so cosmopolitan

When he was 22 Brown did some modelling and won Cosmopolitan’s America’s Sexiest Man contest.  Yep, and he was featured nude in the magazine’s centerfold.  In an accompanying article he called himself a patriot.  He didn’t use the term minute man, regardless of how you pronounce it.

A popular mechanic

If you’re not shocked beyond belief yet, hold on to your hats…he drives a truck. Yep, central to his election ads was the fact he drove a truck.  In his acceptance speech on election night he gleefully told supporters, “I’m Scott Brown…I drive a truck, and I am nobody’s senator but yours”.  And he drove his truck, with more than 200,000 miles on it to Washington.  Right through Obama’s health legislation.

I wonder if this giant-slayer will run for the Republican nomination in 2012?  If he does then I guess one might say that one will drive a truck…and the other one a ski-doo.


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