The PMO Decision-Making Process

A Shaggy Political Aide Story

by nonamedufus

Somewhere in the bowels of the Prime Minister’s Office two Conservative strategists are talking.

Tiny Tory #1: Blessed be to Sir John A, the boss is going to blow his stack over the latest polls.

Tiny Tory #2: Why, what’s up?

Tiny Tory #1: The Liberals, man, that’s what’s up.  The boss put the kibosh on Parliament to silence his gritty critics and now the P.I.’s drawn his party neck-and-neck in the polls.

Tiny Tory #2: The P.I.?

Tiny Tory #1: Pompous Intellectual…  You know?  Ignatieff?

Tiny Tory #2: Oh, him.   But if he’s so pompous, why’s he up so high in the polls?

Tiny Tory #1: ‘Cause he’s less pompous than the Emperor.

Tiny Tory #2: The Emperor?

Tiny Tory #1: The boss, man, Harper.

Tiny Tory #2: Shhh…  someone’ll hear you.  If they do they’ll move us to the Press Office.

Tiny Tory #1: Don’t even think it!

Tiny Tory #2: Okay, okay.  But we’ve got to come up with something.  Like, like, oh, I don’t know, like the Olympics.  You know, they have a problem with a lack of snow so they’re trucking it in from somewhere else.  If they didn’t they’d be hosting the summer olympics.

Tiny Tory #1: We should truck MPs in from somewhere else?  Where?

Tiny Tory #2: No, no we’ll truck the PM to BC.  Have him speak to the provincial legislature.

Tiny Tory #1: Sure, that makes sense.  He won’t step foot in Parliament.  Why would he go to the BC legislature?

Tiny Tory #2: To prorogue it!  Yeah, that’s it.  We’ll start in Victoria and work our way east until we get to Newfoundland.  We’ll prorogue every legislature in the nation!

Tiny Tory #1: But whatever for?  Why would he do that?

Tiny Tory #2: I haven’t worked it out yet.  We’ll have to give that some thought.

Tiny Tory #1: What do we do in the meantime?

Tiny Tory #2: If anybody asks just tell them we can’t recall.

PM making a spectacle of himself.


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