She’s Got Good Hand-Eye Coordination

Sarah in Wonderland

by nonamedufus

You know, to my way of thinking, one should be suspect of a political organization that calls itself a Tea Party.  I think they’ve opened themselves to ridicule.  I mean, when I think of Tea Party I think of Alice in Wonderland. How’d you like to belong to a political entity that’s best known for falling down a rabbit hole?

And that’s exactly what they did earlier this month.  The so-called Tea Party held a convention in Nashville and their key speaker was, if you’ll excuse me, one Mad Hatter.  In attendance, I think, were several cheshire cats, a hookah smoking caterpiller or two and the rest of her Fox News confreres.

But I digress.

Sarah’s hand job.

In a move clearly aimed at taking a swipe at President Obama, Sarah Palin derided both his platform and his pulpit.  First, in her speech, Palin cried out to her supporters “How’s that hopey, changey stuff wokin’ out for ya?”   With the economy in the dumps, health care on the rails, and a recent electoral loss in Massachusetts the rhetorical question elicited a predictable response.  And while the line may have been in keeping with her folksy – aw-shucks – mom of a single-teenage-mom – if it’s good for America I’ll run for president – image , her next move was not.

It was more in keeping with a high school student who hadn’t studied for her final exam.  In a question and answer session following the speech it was clearly evident Alice, er, ah, Palin had written notes to herself on the palm of her hand, to which she clearly had to refer.

Photos show she’d written the words “energy, taxes, lift America’s spirits”. Things wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t moments before criticized Obama for using  a teleprompter when he speaks.

Speak to the hand ’cause the face ain’t listening

The telepromper has been around since the 50s and a long line of Presidents have used them beginning, apparently, with Eisenhower.

I’m not sure how many Presidents, or Presidents-to-be have written on their hands.

If Sarah Palin really is going to run for President in 2012, she’s going to have to work for it.  The office certainly isn’t going to be handed to her.


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