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In one of the ironies those with no sense of the ridiculous fail to recognize, Steven Fletcher, the junior minister responsible for democratic reform in Canada has refused to make public the briefing notes he received when appointed to his current position.  Why is this an irony?  Well, the whole notion of democratic reform is to open to public view the process and reasons for government decision-making.  It is difficult to square the concept of open democracy with the secretive actions of this government.  Many would say that this gang is out and out obstructionist when it comes to open government and democratic reform. Although once caught red-handed, like the recent aide to the Public Works Minister debacle, the Prime Minister’s Office has been known to issue memos to Ministers not to interfere in the Access to Information process.  But it’s all for show.  In fact, in terms of governance and organizational behaviour, our government leaders today seem to be devolving from rational to instinctual behaviours that are more likely to found in an apiary than in a democratically constituted house of parliament.

For those unfamiliar with the operations of present day federal politics, think of the House of Commons as a large group of beehives with each hive headed by a queen bee, or (for the purposes of this analogy) a member of parliament or minor functionary such as a junior minister.  Bigger hives are led by full ministers.  For example one huge queen bee is the Minister of Transport, John Baird.  A minor, but very irritatingly loud queen bee is Pierre Poilievre, parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister who is of course, the head queen bee although word has it amongst the other bees that he wishes to be known as King Bee.

Stephen Harper: Big Bee

Supporting all of these high-stature bees are thousands of worker bees.  In the animal kingdom, these workers are called drones and they flit about collecting and digesting various material which is eventually puked out and consumed by their queens.  In Ottawa, the thousands and thousands of drone equivalents are known as public servants and they perform a similar foraging, digesting and spewing function although due to a quirk in evolution, the spewed product comes out of a word processor and it resembles information.

Pierre Poilievre: Wanna Bee

It is superstitiously believed by minor queens like Fletcher and Poilievre that hoarding information will give them the strength and knowledge to eventually become big queen bees themselves.  The chances of them becoming NBA stars are far more likely. In the bee world, when an aspirant to big queen status fails, she is devoured by the drones and that’s the end of her story.  In the parliamentary hive, failure means that the phone will never ring again resulting in the gradual wilting and then disappearance of the big-queen aspirant.



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  1. There are a whole bunch of people out there working in a number of different groups and in a number of different ways to help teach them a little bit about democracy, much to their misfortune. I hope you don’t take this as spam, but I haven’t visited here much lately because I’ve been spending a lot of time with a group that formed under the banner Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper (C.R.U.S.H.). It has a web site ( and the obligatory Facebook group. (

  2. Well dur. You’ll never get a straight answer out of politicians, especially liberals. If there was full transparancy how could they line their pockets with tax payer money and encourage people NOT to work. You know, since a percentage of the welfare money comes back to the politicians to line their pockets again?

    That’s why it’s all confusing – how can you have power and money otherwise?

  3. I’d never take your comments as spam, Joel. I’ll be sure and check out the site you mentioned.

  4. So what I got from this was Poilievre and Fletcher should be playing professional basketball and not professional hockey, as previously thought?

    I gotchya. 😉

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