Who Is Glenn Beck and Why Is He Saying Those Nasty Things About Everybody?

Wherein We Explain a la Glenn Beck

by nonamedufus

The only time I tuned into the Glenn Beck Show on that news network President Obama foxily doesn’t take questions from, he was railing on about Hitler, communisim, socialism and Obama and somehow all 4 things were connected. Uh-huh.  Okay.  Who is this guy, and why is he seemingly so popular.  Well let’s take a look at Glenn Beck in only a way Glenn Beck might take a look.

To pass on many of his cautionary tales he uses a simple little aid… used by many a school teacher with his pupils…a chalkboard.

But it’s not an original television concept.  Back in the early 70s my wee ones and I used to watch…

And long before Glenn Beck came along we watched another popular television philosopher and political force.  Glenn Beck not only chose to imitate his m.o. but his hairstyle, too..

Now since Glenn Beck started using the chalkboard to talk down to America, others have imitated him – although in this case I don’t think it’s the highest form of flattery.

South Park, Saturday Night Live and Jon Stewart have all had a go at him…

And yet Mr Beck has a substantial following, proving as recently as last week’s CPAC convention he can keep an audience enthralled.  There are other views though…

And there you have it.  Told in true Glenn Beck fashion.  No further ahead than when we began!

You’re welcome.



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2 responses to “Who Is Glenn Beck and Why Is He Saying Those Nasty Things About Everybody?

  1. kk

    I totally agree. Glenn Beck spews out some nonsense and somehow people believe him

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