Schizophrenic Sarah

This Really Is Two Tier Health Care

by nonamedufus

There aren’t many American voters north of the border but that didn’t stop Sarah Palin from pitching her populist propaganda to a Canadian audience recently.

In a speech in Calgary on the weekend, undeclared 2012 Presidential candidate Sarah “I’ll do anything for money” Palin told her audience that in the 60s her family had to “hustle on across the border” from Alaska to Canada for healthcare.

The ironic Sarah Palin

While her family lived in Skagway, her brother accidently burned his foot and the nearest and best medical treatment could only be found in Whitehorse.  Kind of a Danny Williams in reverse!

And she went on to say, “…and I think isn’t that kind of ironic now.  Zooming over the border, getting health care from Canada.

Of course, these days Palin has a dim view of Canada’s government-run health care system and likens it to where President Obama is trying to steer the American system with it’s death panel-like rationing.

But in an article earlier this week the Globe and Mail pointed out Palin’s memory may be getting faulty with age.  It seems she told a similar story when she was governor.  But the burned foot was treated in Jeanau, Alaska after a ferry ride from Skagway.

Maybe it was another foot.  Maybe it was another audience. Maybe it was a foot in her mouth?

One reporter noted she may have gotten her facts wrong, not for the first time, but it may have been the first time she used the word “irony” properly.  Funny, and a hand-check after the address revealed her palms to be clean!

She’s due to give another speech in Hamilton, Ontario next month.  Maybe by then her brother will have run out of burned appendages.


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