Canada’s Moving to the Right

Let’s See What The Dogs Say

by nonamedufus

Last weekend, the Manning Centre, a right-leaning think tank founded by former Reeee-fooorm leader Preston Manning, released a poll it had commissioned Harris/Decima to conduct on its behalf.

The thing about polling is if you ask the right question, that is to say if you word it properly, you can get the answer you’re looking for.

Remember what John Diefenbaker said: “Dogs know what to do with polls.” And “I would never have been Prime Minister if the Gallup Poll were right.”

“Gallup was wrong.  Who let the dogs out?”

With that in mind let’s look at some results which the Centre professes show that without a doubt Canada has moved to the Right.

When asked to agree or disagree with a number of statements, 89% strongly agreed there’s nothing more important than family, 67% strongly agreed marriage is by definition between a man and a woman and 60% strongly agreed abortion is morally wrong.

Interestingly, the poll results also indicated that only 31% said the government should regulate individual morality and behaviour.  Stephen Harper take note!

The quote of the day on the poll goes to NDP spokesman Karl Belanger, who observed: “It’s like a poll from Burger King stating that Canadians are moving to the Whopper.”

LEFT                                                                                         RIGHT

All I can say is if Canada is moving to the right, Danny Williams better get ready.  It remains to be seen if he’ll even let us in!

“Moving to the right? Not to my island, by jeezus.”


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