The Family Of Party Values

Shake Your Money Maker

by nonamedufus

Michael Steele must be reading Titus Maccius Plautus these days.  Who is Michael Steele?  And who is Plautus?  Well Plautus is a Roman playwright who first came up with the line “You have to spend money to make money.”  Michael Steele is the Chairman of the Republican National Committee – he raises money – and appears to have taken Plautus’ words to heart – well at least the first half of that expression.

Get a load of this.  Steele wanted to buy a jet so it’d be easier for him to travel across the country.  He didn’t but he charters one, spending $17,500 on chartered jets in February.  And when he gets to where he’s going he stays in style, booking into only the swankiest of hotels.

Steele’s the guy, by the way, who signed off on the RNC holding a convention in Hawaii.  When?  Oh, ah, in the middle of winter.  Tab? $44,000, not including airfare.  But 168 airfares don’t come cheap.

Now comes word that some RNC members whooped it up at a “bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex.”  They whooped it up pretty good spending close to $2,000.  The club in question – The Voyeur – serves tea sandwiches and organic cocktails.  Sure.  Uh-huh.  Seems like somebody in the Grand Old Party likes having a grand old party!

Anyone for $2000 worth of tea sandwiches, with a side order of strippers?

The RNC currently has $9.5 million in its coffers.  Steele began his tenure with $22.8 million and he’s raised $96.2 million.  Where did $109.6 million go?  Well money was spent on two governor’s campaigns in Virginia and New Jersey.  The rest?  I guess you gotta pole dance to make money – even if you do belong to the “party of family values.  Plautus would be gyrating in his grave.

Are Republicans considering a pole tax?


The dollar figures in this post were found in a story at The Daily Caller, and in some instances have been rounded off.

This post first appeared at nonamedufus


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