Secretary of State Dresses Down Canadians

Clinton Shows Who Wears The Pant-Suits In Her Family

by nonamedufus

OTTAWA (Slings And Arrows) – American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dissed Canada in it’s own backyard this week not once, not twice but three times.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon reacted with shock, indicating “She’s not the boss of us.  Who died and made her President?”

Yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The diplomatic battle royale began early in the week when, on a two-day visit to the nation’s capital, Ms. Clinton publicly criticized Canada for excluding indigenous groups and certain nations from a meeting of Arctic countries.

The debacle continued with Clinton ridiculing Canada’s decision to pull Canadian troops out of Afghanistan by 2011.

The third swipe came when the Secretary of State condemned the Canadian government’s position that abortion should not be considered part of a multinational maternal health plan.

While the reason for the public outbursts were chalked up to the inherent differences between American Democrats and Canadian Conservatives, Slings and Arrows has learned that the true extent of some of those differences were exacerbated  behind the scenes in meetings with first the Foreign Minister, followed by the Prime Minister.

Apparently, early in the week, Ms. Clinton told Mr. Cannon she didn’t like his tie.  This moved Mr. Cannon to tell Clinton he thought her mother dressed her funny.

My mother whaaaa?

By the time Clinton met with Mr. Harper later in the week, the debate had escalated to the point where he chastised her for her constantly wearing pant-suits that looked like they were bought off-the-rack at Wal-Mart.

Ms. Clinton retorted with, “At least I keep mine on.”

The Prime Minister is said to have replied, “Well, na-nee, na-nee, boo-boo.”



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2 responses to “Secretary of State Dresses Down Canadians

  1. So from what I’m hearing from the American side of things is that your foreign affairs minister should learn when not to talk back to a woman. As an “ugly American,” I believe I’m right in that assumption. 🙂

    • U.P.: Are you talking about the real news stories or the one I made up? She really did display the worst side of the so-called “ugly American’ while she was here. And I was a fan of hers, too. I think she was having bad day…er, ah, several bad days. No wonder the mid-east peace talks aren’t going well lately.

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