Palin Speaker’s Checklist

Comfort and Currency

by nonamedufus

Sarah Palin spoke at a charity event in Hamilton, Ontario last night and is rumoured to have earned $200,000 for her efforts.  She avoided any talk of politics and did not allow questions following her address. Here’s a checklist of things Sarah used to identify with her Canadian audience and not confuse them with the many American groups such as Tea Party audiences she speaks to. They weren’t written on her hand.

– mention Wayne Gretzky

– support NHL franchise bid

– speak like a Canadian: say “oot” and “aboot”

– tell audience you often get mistaken for a Canadian, in particular Helena Guergis

– limit references to Afghan war to “freedom isn’t free”

– drink Tea and Party like it’s 2012

– don’t mention militia, leave guns at home

– say “right next door” a lot

– demonstrate flexibility using bendable straws

– use private jet or fly first class

– take money

– run


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