Give It Up, Michael

Two polls in two days spell bad news for the federal Liberal party and their leader.

Je te plumerai la tete…

Yesterday Harris-Decima reported that Michael Ignoble, er, ah, Ignatieff was the least-liked federal leader.  Imagine that, after  a string of controversies and unpopular pronouncements from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the government leader is still more popular than Brainiac.

Today, EKOS Research reported the Liberals were dragging 10 points below the governing Conservatives in popularity.

I’m worried.  The country keeps getting pulled, kicking and screaming, further and further to the right.  To paraphrase the folks from Buick: “This isn’t your father’s Tory Party”.

And with a Liberal leader unable to demonstrate his party would take the country in a different direction, if and when an election is called we’ll likely end up with more of the same.

If the Liberals want to win the next election they need to get their collective heads out of their bums and dump Mr. Hoity Toity now.

Sign outside Liberal caucus meeting room


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