There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy…

Members of Parliament appear to be coming around to the Auditor General’s request of reviewing their expenses.  In some cases (ie. Michael Ignatieff) there’s been a complete flip-flop in positions held on this issue.  Perhaps politicians have realized that the voters want to know.  But how will MPs “sell” to Canadians some of the expenses the AG uncovers?

Camera pulls back from Member of Parliament sitting in a deep red leather chair, smoking a cigar and being served a glass of port by a manservant…


Cigar allowance:  $1200

This week’s meals at Hy’s Steak House and  Momma Theresa’s, wine included:  $5,00o

HD flat screen TV for office:  $2000

The Beatles Stereo and Mono Box sets:  $500

Flowers for secret admirer: $1000

Flowers for the wife:  $2000

Investment in Rahim Jaffer’s company (government MP only):  $25000

Donation to Bob Rae’s leadership fund (Liberal MP only):  $20000

MP raises glass in a toast to the viewer, blows smoke (if you know what I mean)

There are some things money can’t buy – For everything else there’s an MP’s secret expense account.


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