Prairie Backwater Ground Zero of Religious Right

by nonamedufus

PINCHER BUTTE, ALBERTA (Slings and Arrows) – A tiny Alberta community is the unlikely birthplace of the religious right-wing support for Stephen Harper and his Conservative government.  This from an unassuming priest who says he’s responsible for the birth of this rapidly growing movement.

Reverend Farr Wright, principal of the Pincher Butte Boys’ Bible School says he’s responsible for creating the movement and not the late Bob Birch of Kelowna, B.C.’s Watchmen for the Nation, closely associated with cabinet Minister Stockwell Day, as indicated in journalist and author Marci McDonald’s book The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada.

In his book It’s The End of The World As We Know It If That Altar Boy Says Anything Reverend Wright says “We’re working and praying hard to help Stephen Harper achieve the majority government he so righteously deserves.  He needs to soundly smite that Ignatieff fella.  As a supporter of gay marriage and freedom of choice, he’s the neo anti-Christ.” Wright added that if Harper wins his majority, he’s promised to send him some new altar boys to replace the ones he sent to Ottawa to work in the PMO and Minister’s offices.

Photo of Father Wright after ‘that incident”, before being transferred to Pincher Butte from Edmonton

When asked if he really thought he could appear credible as an anti-gay advocate or family planning proponent coming from a prairie backwater called Pinch Yer Butt, Farr Wright replied “Gosh I never thought if it that way. Ya think I should move to Mannville?”



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2 responses to “Prairie Backwater Ground Zero of Religious Right

  1. does anyone else think the PINCHER BUTT boys christian school has some serious irony?

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