Harper Considers Life After Politics

by nonamedufus

Is Music the PM’s Muse?

OTTAWA (Slings and Arrows) – It seems Prime Minister Harper is preparing himself for a career after politics.  His actions to date can only be described as “broadening his horizons” in terms of the political afterlife.

Mr. Harper, a semi-accomplished musician, has been auditioning with various high profile singers and players in an effort to test the musical waters.  There has been no comment from those Harper has jammed with.  But the Prime Minister has been quite effusive about each and every one of his sessions.

“Zing went the strings of my heart with Yo Yo Ma”

“KISS made me wanna rock and roll all night and party every day”

“Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger made me wanna be a rockstar”

“Bryan Adams said my government’s policies cut like a knife”

“Celine Dion told me, ‘Near, far wherever you are my heart will go on'”

“I should’ve said no to Taylor Swift. She was only fifteen”

But the Prime Minister says music isn’t his only choice for a post-politics career. He says he wants to keep his options open.

Up in the air, Junior Birdman, Flying so high off the ground, Is it a bird, plane or Superman, No it’s Junior Birdman flying upside down



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4 responses to “Harper Considers Life After Politics

  1. Funny, but to give him his due, he did a passable job on With A Little Help From My Friends.

    (And as a side note, who could say no to Taylor Swift?)

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