Hard Spews, Straight Squawk

by nonamedufus

All Belly-Aching, All The Time

Ottawa (Slings and Arrows) – It’s being touted as Fox News North, however the faux American right-wing all news channel would appear to be leaning a little to the left at the moment.

Quebecor Vice President Tory Makemesick, er, um, Kory Teneycke and his boss, Quebecor President and CEO Pierre “I’ve Got More Money Than I Know What To Do With” Karl Peladeau announced their plans for the new network Tuesday, in Toronto, referring to it as “hard news, straight talk”.

If they get their license Canadians can expect massive sun stroke.

Their first hire was David Akin of Canwest and a former CBC Power and Politics panelist.  Among their subsequent hires were former CBC reporter “bad girl” Krista Erikson.  CBC’s Parliamentary Bureau Assignment Editor Tobias Fisher has deigned to hang his hat in the new Sun News Parliamentary Bureau.  And when you think of it K.T. was a highly paid Power and Politics panelist on CBC after his term as Stephen Harper’s mouthpiece.

Kory, is there anyone left in the CBC bureau?

So what gives?  K.T. himself has been quoted as saying his outfit will be based on the Fox News channel south of the border, which takes a completely right-wing approach, whipping up the far right in America.

Why don’t you hire Megan Fox?  She’s even got the right name! And she’d really give Wendy Mesley a run for her money.

Are we to understand Canada’s far right journalists have all worked for the CBC; the very network K.T says is full of left-wing nut jobs, is boring and he’s out to defeat?

I’m looking forward to a right-wing news network full of boring left-wing reporters.

Founding Sun newspaper editor Peter Worthington must be rolling over in his grave. Oh, wait.  He’s not dead yet.

Wow, who knew he worked with that right wing yahoo Lou Grant — or is that Rush Limbaugh?



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6 responses to “Hard Spews, Straight Squawk

  1. I don’t know if you remember or not, but Lou Grant was actually city editor of the Toronto Sun. For one day. It was played straight-faced, with a notice in the Sun saying they’d hired famed editor Lou Grant. He worked in the office with Worthington for one day, then the next day the paper put out a notice saying that they’d discovered he was just an actor and fired him.

    Those were the Sun’s heydays. Loved that Little Paper That Grew.

    • Frank: I never knew that. I just saw this pic that was an interesting conclusion to my post. Thanks for filling me in.

      • No prob. I was a day-one Sun reader, and a booster for years (until it was bought out by McLeans shortly after Barbara Amiel became editor — she and Worthington fighting the sale right to the bitter end).

        I can’t get over how young Worthington looks there. (He’s always been one of my favourite journalists. Also Paul Rimstead, of course — the poor man’s George Plimpton.)

      • He certainly has endured and has stuck by his principles all these years. It’s fascinating to look back at the history of different journalists and media outlets.

  2. unfinishedrambler

    Former CBC reporter “bad girl” Krista Erikson?

    Ahem….photo, please? If she’s such a “bad girl,” I’d like to see the proof. Sorry, I’m American and don’t know all these Canadian celebs of whom you speak. The couple Canadian celebs I do know are Celine Deion and Bryan Adams. That’s about it. 🙂

    • Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, Lorne Green, William Shatner…are they chopped liver? Well, maybe Shatner. You have to understand “bad girl” covers a lot of ground. A couple of years ago she was demoted for feeding questions to a Liberal Member of a Parliamentary Committee. More recently it was learned she was eligible for free flights because she lived with a Conservative MP and he shared his perk with her, (Hmmm, I’m not gonna touch that one.) which could be seen as a conflict of interest her being a journalist and all. Oh, here’s the link to her pic

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