On Speaking One’s Alleged Mind

You’ve got to love the recent rash of high-profile folks speaking their minds., when they would have done best to shut the heck up.  For example, BP CEO Tony Hayward, shortly after the blast that resulted in the deaths of a number of rig workers and in mega-millions of gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, said “I want my life back”.  Meanwhile, who knew BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanburg could have topped his corporate colleague a little later with, “We care about the small people.” Both Hayward and Svanburg are still employed, so far.  Although, after his performance at a Congressional hearing last week Hayward’s been relieved of his day-to-day duties overseeing plugging the leak.

Then there were the widely reported comments by the doyenne of the White House Press Gallery, Helen Thomas, who – obviously on a slow news day – mused aloud: Jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go home to Germany, Poland or the United States.  The 89 year-old reporter for Hearst Newspapers later resigned.

Here in Canada, NDP deputy leader Libby Davis had a Helen Thomas moment with her own anti-Israel comment: “The occupation started in ’48.  It’s the longest occupation in the world.” She went on to propose an international boycott and sanctions against Israel. She’s still deputy leader but Parliament just rose for the summer so something else will come along to make people forget about her mis-speak.

Wait a minute!  Libby, you’re already in luck.  Alberta’s Minister of Culture had a brain fart last week that got considerable international coverage.  Listening to a panel discussion at the Banff World Television Festival Lindsay Blackett waded in with the following: “I sit here as a government representative for film and television in the province of Alberta and I look at what we produce, and if we’re honest with ourselves … I look at it and say, ‘Why do I produce so much shit? Why do I fund so much crap?'”

Come on Mr. Blackett.  Don’t apologize.  We all know the corporate and media elite, not to mention politicians, are full of shit.


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