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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Slings and Arrows is taking a little break.  A hiatus.  A blogcation.  It’s the middle of summer and it’s time to take some time off.  So we’re going dark for the next several weeks.  But for today, enjoy the week’s best editorial cartoons.



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Palin Drones

She’s at it again.  In a display of why she should continue to write words on the palms of her hands, Sarah Palin tweeted this week about the issue of building a mosque within a stone’s throw of New York’s Ground Zero.

The social media maverick tweeted to her followers that Muslims should “refudiate” the initiative.

Now this comes as a shock.  When Katie Couric, in the now famous interview during her stint as soccer-mom running mate to John McCain, asked Palin what newspapers and news magazines she read, Palin replied: “All of them.” Uh-huh.

Who knew Palin was a distant relative of Mrs. Malaprop.  Then again, she does come from the same political party as George W. “misunderestimate” Bush.

In a subsequent tweet she likened herself to the great bard William Shakespeare.

“Refudiate, misunderestimate, wee-wee’d up.  English is a living language.  Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it”!

Methinks with that comment Shakespeare, who composed many, many plays and verses, would be decomposing in his grave.

But too late.  Palin, an author herself, already intends to rewrite some of the master’s literary works.

For example, she intends to write a play about the American press – The Taming of the Gotcha Media

She has some thoughts for a play about her daughter’s engagement – Love’s Labour’s Lost Levi Found.

And a verse about her daughter’s off-again/on-again fiance is planned – King Leer.

A story about her love of hunting Alaskan caribou will be titled The Winter’s Tail.

An account of her run for the presidency, under campaign Queen Julie Buysvotes is set as Julie, Us Seize ‘er.

A play about her predisposition to the drilling industry will be titled Oil’s Well That Ends Well.

And she’ll publish her thoughts on former Republican president Nixon in Richard the Turd.

There’s no word if Palin will pen an account after the 2012 election should she lose.  Industry insiders speculate that volume might best be titled The Comedy of Errors.

Shakespeare’s plays. He’s read them all.

This post first appeared on The Parody Files blog.

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Canadian Sea Scientists Have Deep Delerium

Can’t Guage Depth of Excitement

by nonamedufus

FLEMISH CAP, ATLANTIC OCEAN (Slings and Arrows) – A scientific research team from three Canadian universities and a Spanish institute is reporting some significant deep water discoveries in the ocean off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.

According to Dr. Mena Dadeeps, of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography of Halifax biologists are using a submersible robot, controlled from the Coast Guard research vessel the Hudson, which is beaming back images, from until now unexplorable depths, of tulip-shaped sponges, delicate pink stars and feathery organisms.  “You’d be surprised by some of the whacky shit we’ve discovered,” said Dr. Dadeeps.  “The feathery orgasm is something that really intrigues me,” she moaned.

Among the other items discovered by the research team are Joey Smallwood and his cabinet who were deep-sixed by Frank Moores in 1972, the Ocean Ranger which sunk in the 80s, an abundant cod fishery, which according to some had disappeared altogether, and the Atlantic Accord which, some say, was never really afloat to begin with.

The research team has managed to capture samples or images of prehistoric deep-sea lifeforms…

…and tall organisms that look like denuded premiers.

When asked why the Spanish were involved in a project deep in Canadian waters Dr. Dadeeps responded, “Are you kidding? The Spanish have always had an interest in our Grand Banks, whether we like it or not.  Our work here could determine future fisheries policy. The Spaniards sure aren’t here just for the halibut – if you ‘catch’ my ‘drift’!”

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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

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After Mishap Liberals To Use Fleet of Buses

Grits Get Their Motor Running

by nonamedufus

(SOMEWHERE IN SOUTH WESTERN ONTARIO) Slings And Arrows – In a scoop that leaves that smarmy Sun News outfit choking in our dust, Slings and Arrows, without the benefit of anonymous sources, is able to manufacture a breaking story involving Michael Ignatieff’s tour bus, the Liberal Express.

By now you’ve heard that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff launched his cross-country bus tour this week in Ottawa.  Alas the hapless leader, national media in tow, no sooner passed the city’s outskirts when his bus broke down.  How’s that for a metaphor to compare to the Liberal’s sputtering pre-election campaign.

And Press Gallery members, who should have thanked their lucky stars that an actual event occurred for them to cover, instead were upset to be torn away from tweeting each other on their Blackberries and iPhones.  You know there used to be a time when Hill journalists gathered at the National Press Club to swap stories and drink beer.  Advanced technology has resulted in a Twitterverse virtual Press Club – minus the booze. Ah, for the good old days.  But I digress.

The Liberal leader wasn’t about to let a minor setback such as an iffy engine prevent him from his appointed task.  Indeed, the Party has a whole fleet of buses suitable for various occasions that will be used in an effort to attract votes across the country this summer.

Liberals going after agnostic vote.

Grits intend to reclaim immigrant vote.

Ignatieff confident rural Saskatchewan votes will flood in.

Liberals plan to make inroads into BC granola-loving, pot-smoking crowd.

Liberals identify with “special-needs” Canadians.

Liberal leader could flip-flop on some party positions.

Plan B: If going rouge doesn’t work there’s always going rogue!

Asked why the party decided on a cross-country bus tour, Opposition leader Ignatieff responded, “I want Canadians to know I’m a man of the people.  I’m taking the bus to work this summer just like the majority of Canadians.”

“Besides,” added the Liberal leader, “given the state of party finances, we sure couldn’t afford a plane.”


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Political Leaders Get Down and Dirty

The Calgary Stampede got under way last week.  Some folks demonstrated against the annual event as being cruel to animals.  But westerners love their stampede and politicians, knowing this, are all over this event like maple syrup on a flapjack.  This is a chance to rub shoulders with the little, er, ah, working people; to roll up their sleeves, roll out their smiles and roll about in the dirt – metaphorically speaking.

This year’s parade marshals were Jet and Cord McCoy from Oklahoma.  Now if those names sound familiar it’s because Jet and Cord are reality show stars from The Amazing Race.

Never one to miss an opportunity, the Prime Minister was photgraphed with the cowboy globe trotters, deep in what appeared to be a real heart-to-heart conversation.

The heart-felt and McCoys?

The Prime Minister’s wardrobe is toned down somewhat from a few years back.

“Do you think suspenders would have been too much?”

The staged photo with the McCoys was reminiscent of a stunt pulled a year or so ago by NDP leader Jack Layton who attempted to appeal to the patriotic side of Stampede-goers, while not having to talk at all.

NDP leader silent because he’s a little horse.

For his part, in an effort to show he was a down-to-earth, man-of-the people kind of guy, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff took a less staged and more direct approach with Stampede lovers.

“Hey, lady, leggo a my fedora!”

Later that evening the Opposition leader hosted a BBQ for Alberta Liberals.  It was a very small event.  In fact, you could probably have counted the number of participants on one hand. Nevertheless it was a lavish affair which included typical Stampede fare: hamburgers and hot dogs, chicken wings and ribs.

Wow, I coulda had a V-8!

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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

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