Next Governor General Known

From One Court To Another

by nonamedufus

CLEVELAND, OHIO (Slings And Arrows) – In a world-wide exclusive to this news service comes a surprising and shocking announcement.  Free agent Lebron James, the biggest name in basketball, has finally announced what court he will be playing on in the coming season.  An emotional James has indicated to reporters he has accepted Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s offer to become Canada’s next Governor General and play on the royal court at Rideau Hall.

James ran circles around other nominees

The news has rocked both the basketball world and Canadian Monarchists. Monarchist are drooling, indeed dribbling, over the prospect that Canada will now have it’s own King.

For his part, a cavalier-appearing Prime Minister told reporters in Ottawa, “People always thought I was a big hockey fan, but basketball’s really my thing.  I really admire King James and look up to him – of course  at 6′ 8” you haven’t got much choice.

A reporter for Sun News, according to an anonymous source, reminded the Prime Minister that James was an American, to which he replied, “American shmerikan…he’s got star power.  The proceeds from his endorsements alone, which will be turned over to the central reserve fund, will wipe out our debt in the first year of his reign, er,ah, appointment alone.”

In related news, it has been learned that University of Waterloo President David Johnston has been traded to the New York Knicks for future considerations.

Johnston nicked to move to New York


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