After Mishap Liberals To Use Fleet of Buses

Grits Get Their Motor Running

by nonamedufus

(SOMEWHERE IN SOUTH WESTERN ONTARIO) Slings And Arrows – In a scoop that leaves that smarmy Sun News outfit choking in our dust, Slings and Arrows, without the benefit of anonymous sources, is able to manufacture a breaking story involving Michael Ignatieff’s tour bus, the Liberal Express.

By now you’ve heard that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff launched his cross-country bus tour this week in Ottawa.  Alas the hapless leader, national media in tow, no sooner passed the city’s outskirts when his bus broke down.  How’s that for a metaphor to compare to the Liberal’s sputtering pre-election campaign.

And Press Gallery members, who should have thanked their lucky stars that an actual event occurred for them to cover, instead were upset to be torn away from tweeting each other on their Blackberries and iPhones.  You know there used to be a time when Hill journalists gathered at the National Press Club to swap stories and drink beer.  Advanced technology has resulted in a Twitterverse virtual Press Club – minus the booze. Ah, for the good old days.  But I digress.

The Liberal leader wasn’t about to let a minor setback such as an iffy engine prevent him from his appointed task.  Indeed, the Party has a whole fleet of buses suitable for various occasions that will be used in an effort to attract votes across the country this summer.

Liberals going after agnostic vote.

Grits intend to reclaim immigrant vote.

Ignatieff confident rural Saskatchewan votes will flood in.

Liberals plan to make inroads into BC granola-loving, pot-smoking crowd.

Liberals identify with “special-needs” Canadians.

Liberal leader could flip-flop on some party positions.

Plan B: If going rouge doesn’t work there’s always going rogue!

Asked why the party decided on a cross-country bus tour, Opposition leader Ignatieff responded, “I want Canadians to know I’m a man of the people.  I’m taking the bus to work this summer just like the majority of Canadians.”

“Besides,” added the Liberal leader, “given the state of party finances, we sure couldn’t afford a plane.”



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2 responses to “After Mishap Liberals To Use Fleet of Buses

  1. Hats off, Noname. That was well done.

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