Dion: Not A Feeder

Felled by Foul Fajitas?

by nonamedufus

MEXICO CITY (Slings And Arrows) – Former Liberal leader Stephane Dion was released from a Mexican hospital earlier this week after suffering from food poisoning.

He was to have spoken at a climate change convention in Mexico City where he was expected to pepper his speech with references to the former Liberal government’s environmental record. He returned to Canada yesterday via Air Tortilla. Aides anonymously confided quietly it was just as well he missed the event as he was expected to receive a chilli reception.

Foul fowl and beef fajita to blame?

Conservative House Leader John Baird sent a message on behalf of the government wishing Dion good health. Said Baird, “I know a little about uncontrollable diarrhea myself, although of the verbal nature”.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, fresh from a cross-country tour of the BBQ circuit told Mr. Dion, “It’s always best to look before you eat. You wouldn’t believe what some people have tried to feed me this summer…oh, and food, too.”

NDP leader Jack Layton was dumb…founded. Said Layton, “As an environmental expert Stephane should have known better than to drink the water.”

Said Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe, “Spicy is as spicy does.”

“Wow! I coulda had a V-8!”

Mexican doctors still don’t know the exact cause of Mr. Dion’s discomfort. Some speculate it might have been a coalition of items. There had been reports of a fowl fajita. The highly-rated Mexican television program Refried Beanertainment Tonight cited a chilli-charged chimichanga. Still other media outlets indicated a blistering burrito had been involved.

Mexico City Hospital’s Dr. Gomez Gough, a New York baseball fan, indicated to the media that while it was forceful it was also a fast food poisoning experience. “It’s bean berry, berry rough for heem, but we managed to squash the problem quickly. It was a ‘here today, gone tamale’ kind of thing.”

For his part, Mr. Dion said the whole experience made him feel somewhat regal…seeing how he had spent so much time on the throne.


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