Parti Quebecois Left-Wingers Attempt Power Play

There would appear to be a very odd relationship between Quebec politicians and it’s hockey teams – real and imagined.

Two weeks ago some backbench-riding federal Conservative Members of Parliament donned Quebec Nordiques jerseys in an impassioned effort to garner federal funding for a new hockey arena in Quebec City. This in turn would help attract a hockey franchise to the former home of Les Nordiques.

Not to be outdone, last week the provincial opposition Parti Quebecois threw down the gloves and wailed on the Montreal Canadiens.  They accused them of being  a tool of federalist propoganda.


Wait, there’s more. Did you know the hockey team was plotting against Quebec separatism?

So it would appear. That’s what PQ member Pierre Curzi says.

PQ Hab hater Curzi offside?

Seems the PQ are not too happy with hockey’s storied-Habs because they don’t have enough French-speaking players.

Geez, I’ll bet Don Cherry’s happy. Means fewer players wearing visors.

And it’s a good thing they don’t have those maudits Expos to kick around anymore.

If the team crowns Brian Gionta as their new captain, which is widely expected to happen, the PQ’ll be apoplectic. Not only doesn’t he speak Franch, he’s not even Canadian. Imagine, an American captaining les Canadiens!

Frenchie wanna-be Gionta. See the visor?

I can’t remember such silliness since corporations left the province in droves in the late 70s for Toronto after the election of the separatist PQ government.

I guess the upside is that if the Habs leave Quebec at least Toronto would have a decent hockey team.


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