Details of Harper’s GG Prorogation Meeting Flushed Out

The Throne Involved

by nonamedufus

OTTAWA (SLINGS AND ARROWS) – With the regal reign of former Governor General Michaelle Jean now over the real story behind the historic prorogation meeting with Stephen Harper can now be told.

In an interview with Canadian Press last week, Jean said “The idea wasn’t to create artificial suspense. The idea was to send a message — and for people to understand that this warranted reflection,” she explained. “Collectively, we participated together in something that will take us a step forward, maybe, in the necessity of understanding our institutional realities . . . and our political system.”

Where’s the John, Jean?

But Slings and Arrows has learned Stephen Harper spent much of the two and-a-half hour meeting reflecting on the toilet. It can now be told that the night prior to his historic trip to Rideau Hall Laureen Harper hosted a Mexican Fiesta party at 24 Sussex for selected members of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. Mrs. Harper felt the meal was an appropriate token of appreciation to, what the Prime Minister often refers to as, John Baird and those gay caballeros.

But the Prime Minister may have downed one too many chimichangas and suffered the consequences the next morning. After making his demand to the Governor General to prorogue Parliament, the Prime Minister quickly excused himself and headed straight to the men’s room where, attendants who have the scoop on the poop tell us, he spent the next two hours moaning, groaning and unloading.

Constitutional chimichanga challange?

So, while reports of taking his request to the Queen if the GG would not acquiesce can not be confirmed, we do know for sure he had no hesitation in taking it to the throne.


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