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Headlines And Song Titles

So I was perusing the headlines on the interwebs yesterday looking for an idea for today’s piece of political parody and I started to think of what I came across in terms of song titles. It kind of made the exercise more fun than actually reading the article. Here’s a few examples of what I mean…


Pro-Israeli Stand Cost Canada UN Seat, Harper Says

Ain’t That A Shame


Outgoing Veterans Ombudsman Says He’ll Sue Government

Runaround Sue


Despite Quitting, Prentice On Short List Of Potential Successors To PM

King Of The Road

C IBC-ing You


Ottawa Talks Of Extending Afghan Mission

War…Huh…What Is It Good For?


Go For Skilled Immigrants

You Better Come Home Speedy Gonzales


Ottawa Mayor replaced After One Term

Hats Off To Larry

You Can Leave Your Hat On


Katie Perry Turns Down Playboy Nude Spread

She Wore An Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini


Is Your Laptop Cooking Your Testicles?

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire



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Half Truths

Just The Way We Like It – The Week In Headlines

by Uni Blogger and nonamedufus

Obama announces more troops to AfghanistanFox News correspondents, birthers, health bill opponents and Tiger Woods’ ex-mistresses first to be drafted.

Tiger Woods’ infidelities uncovered – Exxon cancels multi-million retro commercial, citing poor timing – “Put a Tiger In Your Tank” has already been done…by Tiger.

Climate-gate rocks scientific establishmentIt’s true, Al Gore inconvenienced.  Says he’s steaming mad.

Party crasher discovered at White House receptionBiden ejected quietly and warned not to let it happen again.

Sarah Palin appeals to Irish Americans – Going Brogue

Obama too busy to personally call Harper on Afghanistan – PM says Prez biden his time

Liberal position on Harmonized Sales Taxfurthest thing from harmonized.

PM Harper provides economic update in plane over Siberiarelations with Press Gallery frostiest ever.

Gun bill debate postponedOpposition says Government hasn’t got a shot of passing it.

Trying to get to the truth of the Afghan detainee issue in Canada in a word: torture.

Ex Miss Argentina dies after buttock surgerywhat a bummer.

Event to promote Atlantic seal hunt held on Parliament Hillmessage to EU: phoque off.

PM’s confidence to blame for lack of life-vest in navy vessel?“As with my government’s policies, I expected smooth sailing.”

Government adrift

Montreal wins Grey CupSaskatchewan fans All, ew, wet.

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